A collective of student leaders dedicated to broadening the stage provided to BIPOC students and creating a safe & supportive community for all. 

Work towards amplifying the voices of Indigenous, Black, and People of Color by building an inclusive platform for the student community.

We value the AUS’ commitment to ensure that all students, specifically BIPOC students, feel safe, represented, and supported in all aspects of their UBC journey.

EQUITY & ADVOCACY: We respect differences of race, gender, sexuality and faiths, and aim to celebrate them. This informs our intention to amplify BIPOC voices by prioritizing intersectionality in our advocacy, and ensuring that we are able to provide appropriate support and resources to all BIPOC students. We acknowledge that the committee cannot speak on behalf of all identities, but we are committed to listening to and representing all underrepresented identities.

SOLIDARITY: We are committed to ensuring that BIPOC students, especially within the UBC Arts Faculty, have a space where they feel heard and are included in the larger community. We acknowledge the need for solidarity and building strong relationships across different cultural, racial, systemic and accessibility-inclined identities.

TRANSPARENCY: We aim to be a committee that is accountable, encourages feedback, and  welcomes constructive criticism. We strive towards an honest attempt at making changes based on feedback from ongoing conversations with the Arts Faculty.

ACCESSIBILITY:  We are working towards ensuring that BIPOC students have different ways to access the Arts Undergraduate Society. This strengthens our commitment to ensuring that BIPOC students are represented within the UBC Arts faculty, and have equal access to the AUS through various avenues.