Leadership. Community. Diversity. Inclusivity. Academia. Advocacy. Fun.

Passionate about any of these things? Perfect. This is your chance to get involved in the Arts community and be a part of a core and committed group of professional student leaders!

Purpose of Elections:

Elections are an integral part of the Arts Undergraduate Society as without holding them, there would not be an Executive team appointed to run the AUS. They allow passionate members of the AUS to become more involved in their faculty’s student governance and its inner-workings. Encouraging Arts voices to be heard are at the heart of AUS elections, each candidate presenting their own platform that they feel represents fellow Arts students’ concerns and desires.

How Do Elections Work:

The UBC Arts Undergraduate Society Elections consist of five major phases:

  1. Nominations Period. This period is meant to be a window for candidates to nominate themselves for their desired position. Duration: ten (10) days.
  2. All-Candidates Meeting. Every candidate running in the election must attend this meeting to allow the Elections Team to go over the Elections Handbook or answer any questions. If they are unable to attend, they may send a proxy; otherwise, they are ineligible to participate in the election. This is a one-day event.
  3. Campaigning Period. During this time, candidates can share their platform, interact with other candidates, and encourage students to vote for them. Duration: seven (7) days. During the campaigning period, the AUS Elections Committee will host a variety of events (i.e. Meet-the-Candidates Night; All-Candidates Debate) to help the candidates gain support from the student body.
  4. Voting Period. Voters can cast a ballot via SimplyVoting during this time. Only undergraduate Arts students are permitted to vote. According to AUS Code, Chapter 1, Article 2, Section K, this does not include Bachelor of Music students or Economics majors, unless they are majoring in (1) Economics and (2) an Arts major that pays AUS fees. Bachelor of Media Studies students can vote. Voting polls are open for a total of five (5) days.
  5. Elections Results release. Once the campaigning and voting period ends, ballots will close and all campaigning must cease. Then, the results are collected and the Elections Administrator will send an email to the AMS Chief Electoral Officer, who will approve the results and officiate them. The Elections Team will then release the results on AUS platforms.

Please find the AUS Fall By-Election Candidate Handbook HERE

The Elections Team:

An Elections Team will be hired to oversee the elections process. The team consists of:

  • Elections Administrator (1);
  • Associate Elections Administrator (1);
  • Elections Communication Director (1); and 
  • Elections Events Coordinator (2)

Positions up for election:

  • Be the voice and spokesperson for the AUS 
  • Chair all the general meetings of the AUS in the absence of the Speaker of Council 
  • Responsible for calling and drafting all Council agenda items
  • Supervise and coordinate the Executive of the AUS
  • Sit on all committees as a non-voting member 
  • Attend the AMS All Presidents Meetings
  • Work with the Faculty of Arts on academic initiatives
  • Plan and organize events promoting the well-being of Arts students
  • Act as the liaisons between the AUS and UBC career services
  • Plan and host events surrounding academic conferences, academic support mental health advocacy, and tutoring within the Arts Undergraduate Society
  • Responsible for recording minutes and submitting minutes to the Communications department for website release in the absence of a Clerk of Council
  • Hire a building manager and oversee the maintenance and bookings of MASS and/or the Arts Student Centre
  • Oversee locker rentals and collect revenue
  • Uphold authority to revise and restructure the AUS Code of Procedures and present all changes to Council
  • Oversee all executive transition reports
  • Notify clubs of their duties and responsibilities to remain in good standing within the society
  • Create a unique and recognizable AUS and Arts brand
  • Facilitate student consultations through the use of various research methods (online and on-campus surveys)
  • Increase student awareness of the AUS
  • Expand AUS presence on campus with new and creative initiatives
  • Oversee all forms of content creation and marketing
  • Creation, distribution, and sale of all AUS merchandise
  • Act as a liaison between the AUS and all outside parties, including other faculties and their respective Undergraduate Societies
  • Plan and execute annual networking events, more commonly known as Limitless
  • Obtain sponsorship from related external parties for AUS events
  • Maintain relationship and outreach between the AUS and UBC Arts Alumni
  • Responsible for the finances and overall fiscal health of the AUS
  • Act as the sole signing officer of the AUS’ main finance account with the Alma Mater Society (AMS)
  • Create and submit the annual budget on schedule and as required by the AMS Finance Commission
  • Sign off on approve expenditures, contracts, and reimbursements 
  • Act as a liaison between the AUS and the AMS’ office on all financial matters of the society
  • Oversee the grant application process
  • Responsible for the following committees and projects: The Internal Portfolio, Human Resources, Elections, Executive & Council Orientation, the Sustainability Committee, and Internal Team Building.
  • Organizing team-building events and socials for all internal AUS members throughout the year
  • Overseeing the Spring Elections & Fall By-Elections
  • Organizing and end-of-year internal social and member recognition ceremony
  • Facilitating sustainability events and initiatives throughout the year
  • Working alongside the VP Administration to ensure proper transition and member turnover.
  • Planning and executing the (3) main AUS events throughout the year: stARTup, Arts Week, and the Great Arts Sendoff
  • The planning and execution of supplemental AUS events throughout the year
  • Development of new initiatives to improve student life for Arts Students
  • Assisting departmental clubs in organizing and planning events
  • Represent the interests of Arts students in UBC community
  • Chair or become members of their chosen AMS committee
  • Attend bi-weekly Alma Mater Society Council

Candidates are encouraged to connect with current executives, AMS Reps, and Senators to ask questions and get informed about the roles.


Fall By-Election dates, as well as further details, will be released in Fall 2022.