Meet the Candidates!

Amy Liao - First Year Representative Nominee

Hi everyone! My name is Amy Liao, and I am excited to be announcing that I am running for AUS First Year Rep! As Athletics Rep for two years and Grad Council Lead for one year in high school, I have had strong experience in representing a group/community, and fulfilling their wants and needs – so believe me when I say that I will do the same this year. I have also been involved in a variety of clubs and teams, as chair and general member, and have gained the necessary skills for me to successfully represent YOU! My campaign focuses greatly on increasing the availability of resources for first years: major / specialization and career navigating events, regular social events to bring first years together, well-being activities before and after midterms / finals, and making sure sustainability / affordability / accessibility are a “first-thought” and not an “after-thought”. With these in mind, I hope to create a smooth, unique, and unforgettable first year experience for you all – so help me help YOU! I post regularly on my main campaign platform on Instagram (@vote4amyliao), so be sure to check that out in order to learn more about WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE 4 AMY LIAO!!!

Maullick Seth- First Year Representative Nominee

My name is Maullick Seth and my pronouns are He/Him/His, and I am excited to be running for your first-year rep. I am someone who is always eager to do something for the community and help those around me. I come from India, and thus as an International Student, I have seen different cultures and experienced various struggles. I am the Social Media Coordinator for the Economic Students Association which has given me a chance to work with seniors in my faculty and has made me understand skills like communication. Having been the Head of Student-Led Clubs in my student council, and President of the comic society I have had leadership experience under my belt with managing over 320 students. All of these experiences are not a testament to me, but my failures are what make me unique. The campaigning process and attempts to make a change mean a lot to me. I would like to thank my competitors and I would like to thank AUS for this opportunity. I know I will do justice to the role of first-year representative, and I am excited to show. Vote for Maullick.

Esther Lu - First Year Representative Nominee


My name is Esther Lu and I am so excited to be running as your first year representative in the Arts Undergraduate Society. 

I am a passionate individual who is willing to take the first step to speak out and create tangible change in the face of injustice. I intend to pursue a combined major in Political Sciences + Economics in accordance with my interest for socioeconomic observation. 

I am running for the position of First Year Representative solely because I like to help others. I find encouragement in knowing that others feel reassured, whether this reassurance is achieved through forms of advocacy or spearheading events/initiatives so that students can feel at ease in the midst of a work-oriented lifestyle. 

The foundation of my platform and who I am, is based in genuinity (google says that this isn’t a word but I beg to differ). I am grounded in empathy and operate by principles of conversation and collaboration to reach my decisions. I hope to create a social, racial and economically inclusive environment. 

To finish, fun facts about me include the following: 

1. I love 2% milk

2. That’s it, that’s all you need to know.

Yasmeen Haji - First Year Representative Nominee

What up first-year art students? My name is Yasmeen and I hope to be one of the lucky students who get to echo your voices to the AUS. About myself: I am Somali, was born and raised in the Middle East and Ontario and therefore speak Somali, Arabic, English, and Grade 12 French. I have the same birthday as Gordon Ramsey, Sza, and the Trump election happened on my birthday: take that as you will. In my freetime, I love starting conversations with people around me: In this day and age where society is so consumed by social media, our sense of community is diminishing and what better way to reconnect as people other than reaching out. Likewise I enjoy writing, teaching children, watching Kdramas, collecting merch, and being spontaneous. Since Elementary school, I have been involved with student government. Because of that, I have experience with outreach and event planning. No matter how qualified I am, however, I’m always willing to learn and pitch in my end of the bargain. If you have any further questions for me or simply want to make a new friend message me on instagram @_yasmeenhaji or email at

Shania Muthu - First Year Representative Nominee

My name is Shania Muthu, and I am running to be your first year representative. I am counting on you to help me help you see through this year as a fun, inclusive, and hopeful year. 

Due to COVID, I know it has been hard on our year, which is why I would love to host many different socials among you cool arts kids so we get that close knit community. I would also love to really hear from you about what is important in your first year in arts like social mixers with your faculty, finding more friends within your programs or opportunities in the faculty! Therefore, I would love to have a suggestion box online for you to submit there, but these are just some of the few things I wanna do for all of you this year! 

Combined with my past positions of being president of various clubs, a CEO of a start up venture or being a board director for my high school board, I feel I can best represent everyone in the arts! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime through my instagram or email!



Gurnaz Sandhu - Third Year Representative Nominee

Hi everyone! My name is Gurnaz, and I’m running to be your third year representative! Over my years at high school and university, I had been apart of many student led initiatives, councils, and clubs. I have lots of experience managing and promoting events, and I’m so excited to get back onto campus to help create some memorable experiences for my third years. I hope that with your support, we can create a successful (and fun) year. You can reach me at  and if you see me on campus, please don’t hesitate to say hi!

Elisha Fu - VP Administration

My name is Elisha Fu (she/her), I am a fourth-year student majoring in psychology and minoring in applied animal biology. I am your current interim Vice President Administration. I first joined the AUS in my second year as an Equity and Inclusion Officer. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity of leading the Administration Portfolio during the past few months, through which I have gained invaluable experience and knowledge on being a student leader, and advocating for the voices of 14,000+ Arts Students. I have worked tirelessly all summer along with my dedicated team members to strengthen the Administration Portfolio, which is why I believe I am the strongest candidate for this position. I have been the main person in charge of the Arts Student Centre opening, which is a project I have been preparing for months and am truly honoured to be a part of. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to manage the AUS council, Equity and Inclusion efforts, as well as all AUS clubs related matters. 

Platform Highlights:

  • Building arts community at the Arts Student Centre with COVID safety
  • Ensure transparency, increase student knowledge of AUS Council
  • Increasing Equity and Inclusion efforts
  • Improving AUS administrative organization