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UBC and Western Canada's Largest Undergraduate Society

The Arts Undergraduate Society of the University of British Columbia represents 14,000 Faculty of Arts students & provides student services and social events. We aim to enhance your undergraduate experience and provide opportunities for you to get involved in your Arts community.

Inquire with us about booking the Buchanan MASS space (or the upcoming Arts Student Center). Contact as about supporting you as a departmental student association in arts or inquire about upcoming council sessions.

We connect you with academic support systems and advocate for your academic and student experience. Keep an eye out for our regular Tutoring sessions and yearly Academic Conference.

We cultivate student engagement through our website, social media, and merchandise to share opportunities with students. Contact us to promote your initiatives to arts students.

The presidents/or executive portfolio oversees the first year committee, the executive team and focuses on society representation.

Providing you with career opportunities, building sponsorships, and philanthropy in the Vancouver community.

Providing students with conference and club grants throughout the school year. Reach out for financial support or reimbursements with the AUS.

Providing students the opportunity to get involved through hiring, elections, and orientations. Internal cultivates the AUS student staff experience and allows for the cohesion of the organization.

We put on events on a weekly and monthly basis to help you stay connected with the Arts Student Community. We host flagship campaigns such as Arts Week, KickstART, and the Great Arts Sendoff.

Commited to Diversity and Inclusivity through transparent governance and advocacy.
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