We are committed to ensuring that BIPOC students within the Faculty of Arts are safe, represented, and supported in all aspects of their UBC journey and that they feel seen, heard, and valued. We aim to do this through initiatives that enhance the academic, social, and personal well-being and experiences of BIPOC students. By ensuring that their diverse needs are adequately met through the resources and the safe spaces that we offer, we hope that BIPOC students can fully explore their potential here at UBC and better navigate their student life. 


  1. INTERSECTIONALITY: we acknowledge the diverse issues BIPOC students identify with multiple marginalized communities. The Committee aims to address the unique needs of BIPOC by applying an intersectional approach to its advocacy.
  2. EQUITY: We are dedicated to ensuring that BIPOC students are represented within the university, and have access to the same level of resources and opportunities as non-BIPOC students. Furthermore, the Committee understands that every individual has their own unique needs, and is committed to delivering the appropriate support and resources to all BIPOC students.
  3. SOLIDARITY: we are committed to fostering unity between the many groups of BIPOC students at UBC as we acknowledge the strength of fighting together through teamwork and building relations across cultural and racial barriers.
  4. ALLYSHIP: Allyship is an important part of activism and we are dedicated to creating a space for it at UBC. The Committee aspires to be a safe space of learning for newcomers to activism, and help them become valuable in the fight for social justice.
  5. RESPECT: we value the diversity between all BIPOC groups at UBC. The Committee respects these unique differences and aims to celebrate them through creating events and initiatives that are representative of multiple cultures.
  6. TRANSPARENCY: We understand that transparency is vital in any relationship, and encourage feedback and constructive criticism from students so that we are able to better reflect the values of the community and hold ourselves accountable for our limitations.
  7. ADVOCACY: We are committed to providing representation for all BIPOC students through amplifying the voices of BIPOC students, advocating for their unique needs to be addressed, and ensuring that they feel seen, heard, and valued on campus. We acknowledge that the committee cannot speak on behalf of all identities, but are committed to advocating for and listening to all those underrepresented.


  1. We aim to centre BIPOC voices and encourage dialogue about BIPOC issues through facilitating panels with BIPOC hosts and spotlight BIPOC students’ achievements in research and artwork.
  2. We are committed to providing BIPOC students the opportunity to showcase their culture through hosting events that spotlight cultural practices and traditions in an engaging and interactive way.
  3. We plan to emphasize the importance of including diverse cultural, racial, and ethnic experiences in education through highlighting the various programs within the Faculty of Arts that centre BIPOC stories, issues, and histories.
  4. We are committed to creating a safe space for BIPOC students in the Faculty of Arts through regularly hosting socials and networking events.
  5. We are dedicated to facilitating international students’ transition to the UBC community and Canada by creating safe spaces for them to connect and network with each other and with domestic BIPOC students.
  6. We are committed to engaging with BIPOC students that do not usually engage in activism within their community (ex. MOC). We hope to do this by directly asking and listening to their needs as BIPOC students and hosting events tailored to their interests with speakers that they can relate to.