AUS Funding

The AUS is happy to financially support Arts Undergraduate Students! Listed below are the requirements, criteria, and rubric to assist you when applying. Please note applications should only be submitted after the expenses have been made, as AUS can only reimburse you after receiving the proof of payments. You may apply anytime during the academic school year beginning from September 2021 to the end of April 2022. 

Who can apply?

All BA students except for those who are majoring in Economics, Fine Arts, Media Studies, and Music. All Economics students are represented by the Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society (VSEUS). The rest of the majors listed above are also represented by their respective undergraduate society.

How to apply?

Please apply through this link to be directed to the qualtrics form for the AUS Grants form. Applications to all grants are done through qualtrics. 

How are applications processed?

Your applications will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will check the qualtrics every week and process any applications within that week. However, if you submit your application during the weekends, we will consider that as part of the following week’s application. We will not send you any emails right after you submit your application but we will update you once we have processed your application, especially the amount of money that you have been granted. In cases where you did not receive any emails, please contact the email addresses written on the general overview section.

*Email Kathleen ( and be sure to CC Naomi ( and Harman ( in the email for any questions or concerns.

Please have a look at the documents in the tabs below for the description of each grant and apply through the Qualtrics form.