Executive Portfolio

Chaired by: Fatima Rua

The Executive Committee is composed of the nine executives of the AUS. It meets weekly to discuss the top-level organization of the AUS, its mission and goals. Guests are usually permitted with advance notice given to the Chair.

Academic Portfolio

Chaired by: TBA

The Academic Committee is responsible for addressing all aspects of student academic life, including academic support, and health and wellness.

Administration Portfolio

Chaired by: Ian Caguiat

The Administration Portfolio is responsible for overseeing all AUS property, including the Arts Student Centre, and its day-to-day operations. The Administration Portfolio helps AUS achieve long-term organizational goals, and improve internal governance.

Engagement Portfolio

Chaired by: Emma Martin-Rousselle

The Engagement Portfolio is responsible for organizing all branding, marketing, and communications for the AUS. The committee is composed of the Marketing, Merchandise, Web Development, Analytics, and Media departments.

External Portfolio

Chaired by: Ghazal Rezaei

The External Portfolio is responsible for all external relations of the AUS, including relations with the Faculty, UBC, Alumni Affairs, sponsors and philanthropic organizations.

Finance Portfolio

Chaired by: Alan Phuong

The Finance Portfolio is responsible for the allocation and disbursement of all AUS grants, including the Club grants and conference grants. The Finance Portfolio is also responsible for advising on policies involving finance and budgeting. 

Internal Portfolio

Chaired by: Golsa Moazedi

The Internal Portfolio is responsible for overseeing due observance to the Constitution and Code of Procedures. This portfolio is also responsible for putting forth motions of internal policy, as well as elections.

Student Life Portfolio​

Chaired by: Lara Yacoub

The Student Life Portfolio is responsible for planning and hosting events for Arts students. They are also the contact point for various clubs and organizations who wish to host collaborative events with the AUS.

AMS Representatives

Chaired by: Audrey Chow

The AMS Representatives are the liaison between the AUS and AMS. They sit on the governing Councils for both and advocate for arts students. AMS representatives are responsible for providing high level oversight for every aspect of AMS and AUS governance.

First Year Committee

Co-chaired by: First Year Reps

The First Year Committee is responsible for responding to the needs of all first year Arts students by organizing events. First Year Representatives are elected during the Fall By-Election each year.

Governance Committee

Chaired by: Ian Caguiat

The Governance Committee is responsible for the amendment and updating of the AUS Code of Procedures. The committee holds monthly Meetings