Chelsea Bian



Hi everyone!

My name is Chelsea (she/her/hers) and I am your 2021/2022 AUS President! I have been in the AUS for the past three years and have developed a soft spot for it hehe. The President Portfolio consists of my two wonderful assistants and I and we are in charge of overlooking the entire AUS. I’m looking for someone who can work well independently as well as someone who is experienced with managing canvas courses. If you have any other questions about the position, feel free to email me

Viola Chao

VP Academic


Joining the AUS has been one of the best decisions I’ve made during my undergrad. I’ve been able to grow so much professionally and as a person. Connecting with other Arts students has been extremely rewarding and I’m endlessly grateful for the life-long friends that I’ve made along the way. As VP Academic this year, I’m excited to expand upon events & initiatives the AUS Health & Wellness and Academic Support Committees have hosted, as well as introduce a BIPOC Committee to amplify BIPOC voices and cultivate an equitable community within the Faculty of Arts. My overall goal is to make sure Arts students feel supported in their academic lives, especially during the transition back to an in-person university lifestyle.

Elisha Fu

VP Administration


Hello UBC Arts! My name is Elisha and I’m honoured to serve as the VP of Administration this year. I am going into my fourth year, studying psychology. I have been volunteering with the AUS Administration portfolio for the past 2 years, through which I have made amazing friends and shared wonderful experiences in the arts community. As the VP Administration, I am looking forward to opening the new Arts Student Center and creating a welcoming space for all arts students to connect and thrive. In my spare time, I like to dance, cook vegan food, and make DIY bubble tea. I am super excited to return to campus this year, and feel free to say hi if you see me and my dog chasing after squirrels!

Renee Chan

VP Engagement


Hi UBC! My name is Renee and I’m excited to serve as your VP Engagement for the 2021-22 school year. I’m a fourth year Literature major and Psychology minor. This will be my fourth year in the AUS Engagement portfolio, and I am thrilled to be leading this team of creatives. My experiences in this portfolio have been nothing short of rewarding and enriching, and I am excited to see all the things that our team will achieve. Outside of AUS, I enjoy reading, writing, photography, watching good TV shows, and drinking Starbucks. I can often be found at studying at IKB, or going on walks in Pacific Spirit. If you ever see me around campus, feel free to say hi! If you’re ever interested in chatting or collaborating, send me an email!

Joshua Kim

VP External


Last year, I was one of the AMS representatives representing arts students at the AMS council; I’ve advocated for arts students’ needs whenever possible. I’ve been able to work with many wonderful people at the AUS on initiatives and projects that benefit arts students to this day and this goal of “benefiting the arts students” continues to be my goal. Whether your passion is in philanthropic causes, developing initiatives helpful to arts students’ career prospects, helping arts students network with one another, getting on board with new and exciting projects under me, or simply wanting to make some difference, and of course new friends, the external portfolio is where all of this could happen!

Linda Zheng

VP Finance


I have had an amazing experience being part of AUS last year and would love nothing more than to make things even better in-person this coming school year. Some of the jobs included in the finance portfolio include working on reimbursements, budgets, and grants! I’m also hoping to host workshops about financing and budgeting this year, so if that’s something you’re interested in, I highly encourage you to apply. It is a great experience for anyone interested in business! If you have any initiatives you would like to start, I would love to help out with that as well. P.S. If you join my portfolio, I will make cookies for everyone <3

Fatima Rua

VP Internal


Joining the AUS has been a highlight of my university experience! I have met many amazing people who are some of my closest friends. Serving as VP Internal this year, my goal is to enrich the experiences that AUS members have while on the AUS. Although joining comes with a lot of responsibilities, it is also about creating memories and connections with your colleagues. I hope to revamp the Internal Portfolio and present new internal social events such as the AUS Secret Santa Potluck and AUS Matchmakers, as well as continue previous traditions such as the Council Retreat! I’m always open to new ideas, and can’t wait to see the amazing work all of you will do this year!

Himani Ahmed

VP Student Life


I’m someone who enjoys music, baking, road trips, and I am also very passionate about social justice issues. Being in the AUS for the past three years has allowed me to grow my professional communication skills, event planning abilities, as well as create lifelong friendships. This year I hope to host events that are accessible and enjoyable for the entire Arts community, as well as ensure that students are getting their student fees worth! I’m also planning to make my portfolio more accessible to clubs and UBC organizations, who want to work with the AUS, to host events. I can’t wait to see what things my portfolio achieves this year, and I’m looking forward to working collaboratively with everyone!

Romina Hajizadeh​

Chief AMS Representative